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About Nybro
Sky writing the Nybro "N"
"Nybro" means “New Bridge” and best describes the activities of this Design and Engineering Company. In 1998, Nybro opened for business when a unique opportunity was presented to create a computer controlled rope machine for the textile...
The Nybro Team Christmas 2010
It’s great to have fun, especially when you're in a group that is a competitive bunch on top of the auto balancing Segway scooters.   All certainly had a thrilling experience, but there were a few red faces, especially when some tried to race these fascinating transport machines on...
Managing Director - Denver Vidler
Denver Vidler is the managing director, but he's not our boss.  Several years ago he had the foresight to invest in Nybro's systems and procedures, now he is more like a great coach.  He supports and encourages us to grow, both on a...
Be creative and find the solution!
To create is to live, I believe is the best way to describe the excitement and enthusiasm when an individual is inspired with an idea. I love seeing firsthand when someone shares amazing insight, it's like an energy drink for the soul...
Our products and Services can be found in the Yellow Pages. The Yellow Pages is an Australian telecommunications directory of businesses.
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